Trane and Carrier Announces Price Increase: Insider Secrets to Save on HVAC Replacement

Your HVAC unit has seen better days, and now you are thinking of the most affordable way to replace it. The truth is an HVAC unit is one of the most essential and priciest appliances in your home, as well as the most considerable drain on your wallet from a utility standpoint.

In the last week, two major HVAC manufacturers, Trane and Carrier, announced that their products would increase in price between six and seven per cent in a few days. Obviously, the contractors will pass this on to the final consumer, so it is the best time to learn the tricks on how to save as many bucks as you can.

Do not fall into the trap of making decisions based on pressure from discomfort; it will only cost you more hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Read the below “how-to guide” that helps you navigate current trends to buy an affordable system.

Shop for Estimates

Desperate times yearning for desperate measures doesn’t work for purchasing HVAC systems. You may be in dire need of a furnace or an air conditioner but making an impulsive buy isn’t the solution.

Search for multiple companies to get the best estimate that works for you. No doubt, different companies have different visions. The truth is, some companies have excellent salesmen but don’t have your interests at hand.  Enquire from more than one company and get their offerings side by side. You will be surprised to have varied recommendations, not just the price.

Fortunately, at Citi Services, we pride ourselves on complete transparency. For this reason, we provide you with upfront pricing where you can know the estimate without a visit to your property.

Get the Right Size HVAC Unit

Having the right size HVAC unit for your home will help you save money on monthly bills. Your local HVAC service provider will provide you with a complete description of the system based on your unique needs. The HVAC professionals will choose the correct size for your home, considering the environment, your heating and cooling needs.

HVAC systems that are too large or too small for your home are inefficient and will cost you more money to operate. A weak system will struggle to heat or cool your home when temperatures rise or drop significantly, leading to high utility cost. For example, when the HVAC system is too large, it will cycle on and off repeatedly to provide a consistent temperature. HVAC experts recommend the following HVAC unit sizes:

  •  For Air conditioning, do not exceed 15% of recommended BTUs
  •  For a heat pump, do not exceed 25% of recommended combined BTUs
  •  For heating, do not exceed 40% of recommended BTUs

Insist On a Written Quote

Any HVAC contractor should provide you with a written quote either through paper or a soft copy, such as by email. Although rare in today’s market, a company that doesn’t provide a quote either has something to hide or doesn’t stand behind its pricing. Ensure you take your time to review and compare estimates for undocumented estimates or shady practices.

A formal estimate should have a detailed full scope of work to ensure you are in the loop every step of the way. Additionally, be wary of any company that doesn’t guarantee prices on its quote. For instance, the HVAC professional should adequately account for all the costs. You should not be responsible if the company did their estimates wrongly. Choose a company whose contents and scope of the equipment won’t change later on.

Carefully Gauge the Manufacturer’s Rebates

Manufacturers offer rebates from time to time for homeowners to invest in new efficient technology. While high-efficiency units attract higher prices, the rebates offered will save you money. The new efficient technology will also save green on utility bills. However, do not be deceived by significant discounts on new equipment.

The higher the efficiency, the higher the price and the higher the probate. Some companies use the rebate cushioning from the manufacturer to make it seem like they offer significant discounts. When considering your options, ensure you compare apples to apples (HVAC unit to HVAC unit). Review the warranty, SEER, size and the final cost.

HVAC Tax Credits and Utility Rebates

Through the Energy Star System, congress offers tax incentives to invest in higher efficiency. Tennessee Power Provider also reward homeowners for investing in high-efficiency equipment that saves you some money. Ask for available utility rebates and tax credits from your local HVAC Service provider to reduce the total price.

Install Multiple Units Simultaneously

Installing two units is less expensive than installing one now then installing another after six months. If multiple systems are installed in one day, it saves the company labour and logistics that may come as a discount. Additionally, installing your unit during a financing promotion can also save you some money.

Will a Cash Sale Save you Money?

Beware if a company offers you lower prices when you pay in cash. Sometimes it is because they are making up for a lower interest rate. Usually, when you pay using a credit card, businesses pay a merchant fee of up to 3%. Some companies may offer you a 3% discount when you pay in cash, while others charge a premium when you pay with a card.

The best way to purchase an HVAC unit is through home loans. Most companies offer some sort of financing to their customers with low-interest rates on cards. At Citi Services, we offer flexible financing options with predetermined terms and conditions. Once a third-party financial institution approves you, be sure to get offers valid for up to 180 days.


Saving money when buying a new HVAC unit starts with choosing the best contractor. The key is looking at the bigger picture when selecting one. While going for low prices might be tempting, think of this as an opportunity to form a long-term relationship with your service provider. Think of a warranty service; the same company will probably perform it.

Enjoy a worry-free process from the time you make a call to the final walkthrough with your home HVAC installation/replacement. Contact us at 615-616-8525 or email info@thecitiservices.com to get started!

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